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An Integrated Approach To Preserving Your Assets And Increasing Your Wealth

Integration is the key to building a solid wealth management plan. What do we mean by integration? Well, asset preservation is often done in isolation, without regard to the client’s overall estate plan.

At Sage Capital Advisors, Inc., we have merged asset preservation planning, estate planning, wealth management and tax planning into an integrated overall concept. It is quite common for a client to engage us to develop a plan that saves taxes, provides for the client and his or her family while living, and at the same time preserves the estate from predators.

Sage Capital Advisors, Inc. facilitates and designs customized solutions for high net worth individuals, as well as business owners and closely held corporations, providing them with service and solutions directed toward preserving and enhancing their wealth. Our team of experienced specialists works closely with various professionals in the legal, accounting and financial arenas to meet all of your wealth preservation and growth goals. In essence, we combine the strength and capabilities of a global group with the individuality and flexibility of a focused private bank. Whether you wish to diversify you investments, review the allocation of your assets, optimize tax efficiency or simply ensure your wealth is passed on in keeping with your wishes and in the most effective way possible, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to assist you.

Global Wealth Design and Preservation™ uses the Integrated Wealth Preservation and Growth Solution™ for the purpose and goal of enhancing the lifestyle of our clients while they are living. We facilitate the enjoyment our clients recieve from their estate while they are living as well as ensure their legacy.

While every family is different, with unique wealth design and preservation needs, we service all of our clients with:

  • Teams of professionals with broad global experience dedicated solely to meeting all of the needs of you and your family
  • Best-in-class global products and services
  • Respect, as both a client and a partner
  • An unwavering commitment to integrity, competence, confidentiality, professionalism and diligence

Through our expertise and extensive network of global partners, we deliver the highest level of quality, continuity and privacy.


Sage Capital Advisors, Inc (“Sage”) and Mark Sherwin are licensed to sell insurance products in the State of Florida.